Frequently asked questions

A list of frequently asked questions regarding using the casino

How can I attend events?
Charlieone Club frequently holds different events. Our staff will guide attendants to the events accordingly.
* Please go to the reception desk for details.
Can a members card be issued outside of Vietnam?
Unfortunately our members card can only be issued at the casinos.
I lost my members card. Can it be reissued?
Member cards can be reissued at Charlieone Club reception desk.
Please bring identification (passport) to confirm your identity.
Please be assured that a member’s points will not be lost and can be used as is.
Entering and using of the casinos
Charlieone Club is for foreigners aged 18 and above.
First time customers, please present your passport when entering the premise.
Please bring your passport.
What are points?
Points are added according to the type of game you play and the amount of money you spend.
What are the benefits of saving points with a members card?
Points will be applied to our club member’s ranking so they can enjoy various benefits.
Please go to the reception desk for details.
Can local currency be used? Can I exchange money?
All games are in US dollars only. Please go to the casino cashier to exchange foreign currencies into US dollars.