~ A casino game so simple anybody can play ~

Even beginners can easily enjoy roulette as it is one of the most common casino games. All you have to do is bet on the place (numbers/color) where the ball comes to rest on a spinning wheel.

How to play


Insert dollar bills or a ticket into the machine.


Bet your desired amount on the numbers on the wheel, which are located on the table layout..

* Bet is defined as setting the amount of a stake.
* The maximum bet is determined by the limit.
* “Limit” refers to the minimum and maximum bet amount set for each machine.


Once “No More Bets” is called, no further bets will be allowed.


If the ball lands on the number the player bet on, the payout will be given based on the paying odds. However, if the ball lands outside the numbers, the house will take the player’s bet.

Types of betting

Outside Bet

■Column Bet/Twelve Number Bet (1:2)

Bet on one of the three “2 to 1” sections at the bottom of the three columns. The bet will cover all twelve numbers in that vertical column.

■Dozen Bet (1:2)

Bet on the boxes that indicate 1st 12 / 2nd 12 / 3rd 12. “1st 12” refers to number 1 to 12, “2nd 12” refers to numbers 13 to 24, and “3rd 12” refers to numbers 25 to 36.

■High/Low Number Bet (1:1)

“Low number” refers to numbers 1 to 18, while “High number” refers to numbers 19 to 36.

■Even/Odd Number Bet (1:1)

All numbers on the layout except 0 are considered even and odd numbers.

■Color Bet (1:1)

All numbers on the layout except 0 are either red or black.

Inside Bet

■Straight Bet/Single Number Bet (1:35)

Bet on only one number.

■Split Bet/Two Number Bet (1:17)

Bet on two adjacent numbers by placing a chip on their intersecting line.

■Street Bet/Three Number Bet (1:11)

Bet on 3 numbers across any horizontal row on the layout.

■Square Bet/Corner Bet/Four Number Bet (1:8)

Bet on 4 numbers by placing a chip/chips at the intersecting line of the chosen 4 numbers.

■Five Number Bet (1:6)

Bet by placing a chip/chips at the corner where the line divides 0/1/2/3.

■Line Bet/Six Number Bet (1:5)

Bet by placing a chip/chips on the line where two street bets intersect.