~ The most popular casino game ~

A game in which the player tries to achieve a number as close to, or exactly, 21. You have a much better chance of winning than on other game machines.
Check the first two cards you receive, then determine if you want any additional cards.
If you determine you have a lower hand to the machine, you can leave the game (surrender). In doing so, however, you must forfeit half the bet.
An Ace is counted as 1 or 11. All face cards count as 10. The value of the other cards is determined by their designated numbers.

Hit: the word used when a player asks for an additional card. Stand: the word used when a player does not want an additional card. Surrender: the word used when a player leaves the game early (e.g. when a player decides he/she is at a lower hand to the machine).

How to play


Insert dollar bills or a ticket into the machine.


Enter the bet of your choice.

*Bet is defined as setting the amount of a stake.
* “Limit” refers to the minimum and maximum bet amount set for each machine.
* The maximum bet is determined by the limit.


Once “No More Bets” is called, no further bets will be allowed.


The machine will distribute two cards to each participant, with one card facing down (hole card).

* When the machine’s hole card is an Ace, insurance is offered. The game ends if it is Blackjack.


If it is not blackjack, the player can decide to hit or stand.
The game ends when the sum exceeds 21 after a hit, double down or split. In this case the machine wins and takes the bet.


If the sum from the first two cards totals less than 16, additional cards can be dealt until the player exceeds 17.
Whoever’s hand exceeds 21 first “bust” and therefore loses.
If a player busts, the game ends.
If the machine busts, and the player who does not wins the game.


Players who win receive twice the bet amount.
If players lose the game,the house takes the bet.


If the sum of the machine’s cards is less than 21, players with card sums higher than the machine’s will receive a payout. The house will take players’ bets with lower card totals than the machine’s. If the machine and player’s cards’ sums are the same, the game will end without either a payout or deduction. If the first two cards consist of an Ace and a face card, which is the top combination, it is called blackjack. When a player has blackjack, it will be 1.5 times payout. If both machine and player get blackjack, it will be a draw.


■Double Down

Double down is an option in which a player can ask for one additional card after the first two cards are given, with an additional bet that is equal to the initial bet amount.
Double down is done when a player decides that his/her chance to win is high. Choose “Double” when the machine asks whether to “hit” or “stand”.


If the first two cards have the same numeric value, you can play a Split. In other words, you can divide the two cards into two hands and play them separately.
If the third card has the same numeric value, it can also be “split” as a separate hand. You can split up to three times, with a total of 4 hands. For example, as 10/J/Q/K have the same numeric value, they can be split. An additional bet equaling the same amount of one’s initial bet is required for each split hand.


Insurance is a side bet option offered to players when the up-card of the machine is an Ace, (meaning the chance for blackjack is high). This is to help players avoid losing the bet instantly. Insurance is calculated as half the original bet amount.
When the machine’s up-card is an Ace, and a player chooses to place insurance, it will cost half the original bet amount. When the machine has blackjack: Players who did not place insurance will lose and their bet will be taken. Players who placed insurance win the insurance bet and receive twice the amount of the insurance bet, thus breaking even with the original bet that was lost.
When the machine does not have blackjack: The player loses the insurance bet, the machine takes the insurance bet amount, and the game will continue as usual after any blackjack payouts.