Gaming Guide

We offer guides for people new to gaming, from entering the casino, to game rules and etiquette.

■Admission is free.

* However, only those aged 18 and older can be admitted.
* Please bring your passport when you enter the casino for the first time, as we must confirm your age and nationality.

■We are open 24/7 (24 hours, 365 days)

■This casino is for foreigners only.

* Vietnamese nationals are not allowed.

■No dress code.

* Large luggage can be checked in at the reception desk.

■Smoking is permitted at all tables.

■We provide free drinks.

* Food menus vary according to members’ rank.

■Please refrain from taking photos at the casino as it may inconvenience other customers.

■Please notify our staff if you encounter trouble with other customers. They can help prevent and solve further trouble.

■Intoxicated and/or unruly customers may be prohibited from entering the casino if our staff determines they are troubling other customers.

Games guide (how to play)